Our new range of easy to mix flavours means that all of the preparation is done by us so that all you need do is add your own Nicotine and these are availabe in 30ml or 100ml size bottles fitted with child proof caps.

- First you choose your MIX OPTION - from the drop down menu select either 70/30 PG, or, 80/20 VG option (the 80/20 VG option is more suited to sub-ohm tanks)

- Second indicate the nicotine that you will be using - in the NICOTINE drop down menu select the strength of the nicotine that you will be using and whether it is PG, or, VG based.

- Third select the mg/strength that you would like your finished e-liquid to be - we will then mix your liquid leaving room for you to add your own Nicotine (don't worry about the ammount you need to add as we will put this on the label of the bottle and also on the invoice)

- Fourth select the bottle size you want - you can choose either 30ml, or 100ml

- Finally choose the Quantity you want.

It really is that simple, we do all the hard work for you.